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Peace of mind, and your safety, are precious commodities. We offer the most effective, highly trained, and discreet professionals available. All have either military or New York City Police Department experience, and are well versed in providing protection in the private sector. They can fit in to any social setting. Your key personnel will be free to go about their business without distraction or interruption.


We offer specialized VIP/Executive and Witness, and Estate and Residential protection.

We have protective driving specialists on staff.



We're on the case.
Private Investigators in New York City, Westchester, and the NY Metro, and Tri-State Area.

Dignitary Protection • Marital, Civil, and Criminal Investigations

"Protecting Your Interests"

Dignitary Protection
Threat Detection

Dignitary Protection

Threat Detection

This is the key; this is where we excel. 


Detecting threats before they become front-page news is the standard by which a proactive and experienced staff should be judged.

The key to the Personal Protective Profession, (and it is a Profession, as well as an Art) , is in the advance work, the anticipation,  and the planning; not in reacting, and thus playing "catch up"  to the unforeseen emergence of a deadly threat to you or a loved one.


Hoping for the best is not a plan. There is no trophy for runner-up in a life or death confrontation.

Our staff does not include “armchair experts”. 


We have actually performed the watching, the following, the tracking, the learning of body and facial language, the interviewing, the reading between the lines, the detecting of larcenous and hostile intent, the spotting and disarming of aggressive persons armed with concealed weapons, the physical apprehensions and controlling of hostile criminals, - in the field - where there is no consolation prize for coming in second.

These exceptional men and women are handpicked from Law Enforcement Professionals; few make the cut. Protecting your family or your executives is not the time or place for on-the-job training.

Special Events

Special Events

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From the initial planning through the departure of the last guest, VALOR provides the highest quality, non-intrusive event security services. From shareholder and board meetings to charitable and fund raising events, our professional security staff has insured a carefree and safe atmosphere.

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